The music series of Besares Cultural Center were based on stylistic diversity andintimacy. The cozy climate and warm acoustics of the space allowed Besares to become a landmark of live music in Buenos Aires during the 2010s. Besares hosted events for singer-songwriters, jazz and contemporary music.


Besares Cultural Center participated in the vigorous emerging writers scene during the 2010s. Readings, book presentations, writing workshops and editorial presentations were successfully held in our space.


The independent theatre scene of Buenos Aires is well known. The cultural center did its part here too. The works of emerging authors were privileged, who also took advantage of the space to teach classes and workshops.


Besares cultural center ran a cinema club as one of its permanent events, held every Sunday. Film series were carried out following specific themes and were presented and curated by specialized critics.


This is one of the most stimulating activities at the Cultural Center. The combination of disciplines leads to unexpected audiences and produces new interpretations of pieces of art as a result of the mutual re-significance of works that were not originally intended to be shown together. Between 2010 and 2017 we made joint exhibitions including musicians, visual artists and theatre, always looking for their works to enrich each other.

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